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We believe in revolutionizing the way people buy, sell and rent real estate. Our conviction is that one of the biggest decisions in peoples' lives can and should be made easier, more informed and more engaging.

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DIAKRIT is the global leader in 3D visualization products, digital sales applications and professional services for the real estate industry. DIAKRIT has grown rapidly since its inception in 2001, and today employs 500 people globally to serve over 2,000 major real estate clients around the world.


We reshape the decision-making process in real estate through state-of-the-art technology and innovative software, based on a deep understanding of how people interact with online content. Our strength lies in our entrepreneurial spirit, high-quality deliverables and innovative mindset.


We create visualization tools and digital content that cut sales time, reduce insecurity and enhance the experience of buying and renting real estate. We help people see the potential in their future living with 3D-functions and premium rich media that enables them to plan, furnish and decorate the home of their dreams.


Our Story

Reason to believe

The power of dreams


As recently as a decade ago, people were making one of the biggest financial decisions in their lives based on a few amateur photos and, if they were lucky, a blurry floor plan sketch from the previous decade. The search for a new home or office was characterized by an information deficit and an agonizing decision-making process. The whole process was time-consuming, risky and haphazard at best. DIAKRIT was born out of this insight – that these decisions are actually based on the capacity to imagine your future home and to plan and furnish it. Visualizations, photos, floor plans and interior design tools are an indispensable source of fuel for imagining the future and for sharing these dreams with family, friends and co-workers.

Our Story

Theory of change

Revolutionizing the real estate business


DIAKRIT has always been driven by the desire to revolutionize the real estate industry – to make the online search easier, more secure and more engaging with the help of user friendly visualization tools and innovative software. Since its inception in 2001, DIAKRIT has rewritten the global real estate market history books – and on more than one occasion. First, we introduced 2D and 3D floor plans to the Scandinavian market and made professional photos standard for all online listing ads. We introduced the D-Furnish™ software that lets customers decorate, plan and mentally “move in” to their new dream home online. We then revived an antiquated real estate industry by creating visualization tools and software to sell new development – tools that bring single family homes, apartment buildings and commercial spaces to life before they’re even built. Today, D-Navigator™ and D-Configurator™ are the top-selling tools in the industry. With a clear focus on technological development and digitization, we are continuing our journey into new markets with new innovations that will improve and simplify the purchasing experience, shorten sales times and enhance your customers’ ability to imagine the property of their dreams.


Our Story


Our greatest asset


Our success has grown from a true entrepreneurial spirit. We constantly strive to challenge industry norms, our customers’ expectations and our own abilities. We know that high-quality deliveries, services and processes are crucial for us to win and maintain the users’ interest and engagement – and thereby our customers’ trust. We have advanced in-house production technologies and processes in order to deliver high volumes.


Our people are our greatest asset. Their individual skills, tech-savviness and dedication to service are driving forces behind our excellent, long-lasting customer relationships with several of the biggest real estate and brokerage firms in the markets where we operate. Our people are also the source of the innovation that puts us in the driver’s seat internationally. The visualization tools we develop are at the absolute cutting edge. To us, innovation is only valuable if it’s user friendly and makes a real difference. This is also the reason why we attach particular importance to thoroughly understanding what users need now and tomorrow, and how they use and interact with our visualization tools and software online.


Our Story

Looking forward

Picture perfect future


In a short amount of time we have positioned ourselves as the leader in a fast-growing global market, with a strong and steady year-on-year growth. Our objective is to continue a high rate of growth and maintain profitability by entering new markets where the real estate sector is still in an early phase when it comes to using premium rich media content.


We bring with us a proven track record of business development, a scalable business model and an offer that provides significant financial value for our clients. Digitization, technological developments and globalization work in our favor, empowering consumers and enabling new innovations that nobody ever could have imagined would be possible just a few years ago. We will continue to revolutionize the real estate market with innovative products and software based on emerging technologies and platforms.


Because we see the future and we believe in it – and we are totally convinced that the future looks even better than anyone can imagine.


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