DIAKRIT + News Corp

DIAKRIT + News Corp

February 11, 2016

Today I am thrilled to announce that DIAKRIT has joined the News Corp family.

This is an incredible milestone for our business and a stepping stone towards our vision. This is an acknowledgment of the excellent business model we have created, the outstanding team we have assembled and the innovative visualization solutions we continue to develop. We are proud.

Founded in 2001, what has always defined us has been desire: a desire to revolutionize the way people buy and sell real estate, and a desire to make the online property search easier, more informed and more engaging. A desire that has, up to this day, led us to support more than one million real estate transactions around the world, thanks to our innovative visualization solutions that enhance people’s ability to imagine and realize the property of their dreams from the comfort of their homes. Seeing is believing.

We developed our visualization solutions with the belief that, if we attached particular importance to understanding what home searchers need now and in the future, we could build a healthy, thriving business. Mission accomplished. Since our inception, DIAKRIT has always been at the forefront of revolutionizing the real estate industry, rewriting its history books on more than one occasion and delivering innovation faster and more effectively than any other company.

To continue our leadership in this industry, we must not just keep up with what is happening, but continue to set the pace going forward. With today’s announcement, we will accomplish this independently, yet fully backed by News Corp. We see them as the right strategic partner because they believe in us, our values and our long-term vision, and they want to help us get there faster. We trust that our knowledge of real estate marketing and digital content, together with News Corp’s resources and global reach, will be a winning combination.

It will be business as usual at DIAKRIT – the same offices, the same employees, the same brand. DIAKRIT will remain an independent, disruptive force in the industry and we will continue to think, compete and execute independently. All founders are keeping their equity and will, together with the existing Management team, continue running the company, reinforced by new majority shareholders who will provide world-class strategic support.

Fortunately for us, we always received great support from our amazing clients and partners, all of whom have been giving us invaluable feedback and have helped guide our solutions’ direction for many years. They remain our core focus and continue to be the ones who inspire our innovative spirit. With News Corp we will now have the resources required to bring them an even better DIAKRIT.

As we consider the journey that unfolds before us, I would also like to acknowledge the relentless creativity and passion of our people. Over the past 14 years we have come together as one team – unified in our commitment to be the best company we can be – to help our clients succeed, to push the industry forward and to continue to deliver great solutions. Together we mark this day with remembrance of who we are and how far we have come.

We are excited for this next chapter. On behalf of myself and everyone else at DIAKRIT, we thank you.

Read News Corp’s Press Release here!

Fredrik Bergman,
President & Chief Executive Officer

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