The use of VR in practice

The use of VR in practice

June 21, 2016

Photos by: Ine Monsen

Another great example of how the real estate industry uses VR in practice: Nordbohus, a leading house developer in Norway and an industry leader, recently invited home buyers to experience an immersive virtual tour for each of their houses. The tool that allowed them to do this was DIAKRIT’s VR-enabled 3D Panorama.

VR (Virtual Reality) is a technology that allows people to experience places they might not otherwise see in person. The main use of VR for DIAKRIT is to enable a relocating home buyer to view a new house from the comfort of their old one.

“The beauty of experiencing Virtual Reality is that it’s emotional. You get to have a reaction to a future space that you can’t get in any other way. This is why DIAKRIT’s powerful team of 3D Artists, Interior Designers, Digital Lighting Experts and Project Managers work closely together to turn developer’s conceptual ideas into photo-realistic reality,” says Mikael Joelsson, DIAKRIT’s Sales Manager – Norway.

In a recent collaboration between DIAKRIT and Nordbohus, DIAKRIT provided each of Nordbohus’ 55 franchisees and dealerships with Gear VR kits to use during their showcase of new housing developments. Potential buyers are invited to visit the franchisees’ offices where they can experience immersive virtual tours of the houses that have been visualized in 3D by DIAKRIT.

Using the Gear VR equipment, users can enter a home by focusing their eyes on that particular property from the main menu. Next, they can visit any room inside the house by focusing on the entrance to that room. Users can also look down, whereupon a floor plan appears, allowing them to focus on each room inside the plan to relocate themselves.

“We know it can be difficult to imagine any future living space by just looking at a couple of photos and a floorplan. Even after visiting an open house in an existing home, it can sometimes be difficult to remember the look and feel of that particular space. For Nordbohus, virtual reality is the solution to go by. We wanted to create an experience that allows people to feel like they are in a finished house, to feel the true dimensions and space. By doing this, we also give buyers more confidence when purchasing their house, knowing that what they see is what they get,” Nordbohus Marketing Communications Manager Stian Moursund says.

Moursund adds: “Our collaboration with DIAKRIT has been very forward thinking from the outset and through strong mutual confidence and drive, it has enabled our vision of carrying out the future of open houses. We knew we needed a reliable and experienced partner who understands our customers’ buying processes, and DIAKRIT’s vast experience in creating revolutionary products for both New Developments and Residential Resales makes them an obvious choice of a partner. We are excited to move forward in this new phase at the forefront of our industry.”

DIAKRIT’s Key Account Manager for New Development, Vegard Westergård, at the showcase, presenting how to use the Gear VR. Photos by: Ine Monsen

“Working with an industry counterpart, such as Nordbohus, has been a very rewarding process. As the global leader in digital real estate marketing, we especially appreciate working with clients who aren’t afraid of pushing boundaries and thinking outside the box when it comes to enhancing the property search experience. Virtual reality is a really powerful tool and when applied to the real estate industry gives buyers greater confidence to part with their hard earned money and purchase homes that are yet to be built. We are confident that more and more house developers in the future will follow in Nordbohus’ footsteps,” Joelsson adds.

Norway’s largest online newspaper for economy and business, E24, writes about Nordbohus and DIAKRIT’s collaboration. Click on the image to read the full article.

Photo by: Karl Wig

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