“Our partnership with DIAKRIT provides our users and advertisers the latest products available. Immersive and interactive 3D visualizations offer the most robust search experience possible and help ForRent.com continue to deliver outstanding results for our advertisers.”


Terry Slattery
President of For Rent Media Solutions



A virtual experience unlike any other


Click through a property’s floor plan and experience each room in an ultra-realistic, virtual 360° environment. When used on a mobile device, 3D Panorama’s built in gyroscopic functionality delivers a virtual experience unlike any other.


What’s in it for you?

VR enabled
3D Panoramas
360° gyroscope-enabled
3D panoramic views
3D virtual tours
make the online
experience highly interactive
Rapid turn-around
time & available in
large volumes
3D templates to strengthen
your brand
Increase the ‘stickiness’
of your site & engage your
end-users on a number
of levels
Plug & Play
solution easily integrate
into any website

Take a look around and experience
each room in an ultra-realistic
virtual 360° environment

3D Panorama™ VR

Our Virtual Reality-enabled 3D Panoramas make for an unforgettable experience

3D Panorama™ VR

Integrated gyroscopic sensors augment every human motion

3D Panorama™ VR

Capture your mobile users
anywhere, anytime

3D Panorama™ VR

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