“We are very excited to introduce this innovative solution into our product mix in 2015 and we are confident that we will see a tremendous change in the way our customers interact across our portal thanks to D-Showroom™


Georg Chmiel
CEO of iProperty



Monetize the Developer Segment


In January 2015, we launched this complete game changer. A solution that is optimized for portals and born out of the insight that portals today were not monetizing the lucrative Developer vertical.


D-Showroom™ was developed specifically with property portals in mind, as we believe that you are the strongest channels to provide value for both end-users and developers. D-Showroom™ facilitates the pre-sale of any New Development project with no other help than the digital Rich Media experience that D-Showroom™ provides the end-user. D-Showroom™ is mobile-compatible and combines high-end 3D renderings with an interactive web interface connected to a live sales feed, offering a comprehensive look into any real estate development and the availability of every unit within it. D-Showroom™ can is ordered, produced and delivered quickly and is a plug & play solution, making it easy to implement on any portal. D-Showroom™ is an affordable and cost-efficient solution available to all thanks to its monthly subscription model and variety of package options.


What’s in it for you?

Monetize a previously
untapped market with
HUGE potential
Increase the ‘stickiness’
of your site & engage
users on a number
of levels
Drive more traffic to your
portal and boost the
number & quality of
leads generated
Expand your geographic
reach by attracting
overseas browsers
Help your developer advertisers
optimize their marketing
spend while accelerating their
sales cycle
Access to rich data
tracking & analytics tied
to every project
Applicable to all
projects & developers,
big or small
Plug & Play solution
easily integrated into
any website
Rapid turn-around
time & scalability
Minimal administrative
work required

High End 3D Visualizations &
Immersive 3D Virtual Tours


Parametric Search


Capture your mobile users
anywhere, anytime


Property Details


Built-in lead generation and
social media sharing


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