Property Portal

Property Portal

Our objective is to help you become the leading property portal in each of your respective markets by helping you enhance the quality of your listing presentations, thus helping you attract more qualified leads.

What's in it for you?

Increase the ‘stickiness’
of your site and engage
users on a number
of levels.

Drive more traffic to your
portal and boost the
number and quality of
leads generated

Access to rich data tracking
& analytics tied to
every project

Plug & play solutions
easily integrated with
any website

Rapid turn-around
time and scalability

Minimal administrative
work required

Create meaningful and lasting interactions with your end-users

Engagement is the currency that drives your website. Showcase the potential of any property and drive end-user engagement with DIAKRIT’s interactive marketing tools.

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Quick, scalable & affordable

Create a streamlined look and feel to your listing presentations online while enhancing the end-user experience and strengthening your brand. Thanks to our streamlined processes and in-house production, we can ensure high quality deliveries in large scales and at affordable prices.

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Capture your mobile users anywhere, anytime

It is widely known that the majority of people looking for new homes are beginning their search from their mobile devices. Consequently, our solutions are designed and developed to be accessible on any operating system that consumers choose to use.

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