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Every day, leading real estate brands of the world use Diakrit’s property marketing innovations and technical platforms to advertise and sell properties online. As leaders within our industry, we challenge the status quo to deliver a new standard in real estate.

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Since our launch in 2001, Diakrit has lead the industry in millions of real estate transactions worldwide. Our platforms and solutions are built on our experience, expertise and valued partnerships to offer a more superior real estate experience that delivers the best results for real estate agents, home owners and buyers.

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Powering real estate agents with cutting-edge solutions and platforms to deliver high quality results is what we do better than anyone else in the industry. Our talented engineering team are relentlessly innovating how people buy and sell real estate.

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Diakrit have made the home buying decision process easier, offering true-to-life interactive experiences with our solutions to showcase the living potential in any property. We help real estate agents connect home buyers with their next home sooner - it’s a win-win result for everyone!

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Every day, we help power thousands of real estate brands around the world. Proud of our Swedish roots, Diakrit today has 11 offices globally and 1400+ experts and creatives working to set a new global real estate standard. We will continue to push boundaries in our quest to create valuable real estate experiences for homeowners and buyers, whilst empowering real estate agents with solutions and platforms to drive their business forward.