A Photographer's best friend.

No matter your experience or background, we help you master the art of real estate photography and videography to tell the story of a home through a lens. With countless real estate brands choosing Diakrit to market their properties, the opportunity for development is limitless.

Enable more business with the right tools.

Thanks to our easy-to-use online booking system, top real estate brands can book your services on a schedule that suits you. We remove those time consuming tasks from your plate with our in-house professional editing and uploading system, meaning you can fit more jobs in your day.

More time to focus on being creative.

Shooting the best angles of a home should be your sole focus, with no distractions. That’s why we take care of the post production editing, sales, marketing and admin. Invoice reports are generated automatically to help minimise your workload and make it easier for you to view, amend and invoice your work.


Online booking system.

Easy-to-use online booking system to receive your schedule and select availability.


World class support team.

Our support team will make sure your photoshoots are seamless from start to finish.


Join a global network.

Become part of an international community sharing knowledge, trends and insights.

Master new skills.

Sharpen your talents and learn new skills to become more versatile in the field. With Diakrit’s comprehensive portfolio of property marketing tools, you will have the opportunity to be trained in:

  • Real estate photography
  • Panoramic vision
  • Real estate videography
  • Floorplan measuring
  • Drone
Follow how Kristoffer, our photographer in Sweden, and our Digital Imaging team, create a perfect photo from start to finish.

22 years in the business and we’re just getting started.

Every day, we help power thousands of real estate brands around the world. Proud of our Swedish roots, Diakrit today has 11 offices globally and 1400+ experts and creatives working to set a new global real estate standard. We will continue to push boundaries in our quest to create valuable real estate experiences for homeowners and buyers, whilst empowering real estate agents with solutions and platforms to drive their business forward.