Photo Styling™

Bring to life any potential renovations of the kitchen, bathroom, living room and facade, giving home buyers a chance to customise the area to their liking.

Inspire renovation dreams.

Kitchens are one of the most important rooms of the home, that’s why we make it easy to visualise how the walls, cabinets, countertops, floors and splashbacks could look in other colours and textures. Does the bathroom, living room or facade need a makeover too? Allow home buyers to discover the full potential of the home by virtually refurbishing it to their personal taste, and best of all – directly in your online listing!

Engaging tool that generates more interest.

Endless amounts of options for home buyers to play with.

Easily integrated on your website.

Make sure home buyers stay on your listing.

Tailored to your brand.

Consistent branding across all listings to increase brand awareness.

But wait there’s more...


Magazine quality photography inspired by interior design to present any home in the best light.

Photo Panorama™ VR

A virtual tour of your property where home buyers can move from room to room in a truly immersive experience.

Social Video

Attract home buyers through your social media channels by sharing a short clip of images of your property.
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22 years in the business and we’re just getting started.

Every day, we help power thousands of real estate brands around the world. Proud of our Swedish roots, Diakrit today has 11 offices globally and 1000+ experts and creatives working to set a new global real estate standard. We will continue to push boundaries in our quest to create valuable real estate experiences for homeowners and buyers, whilst empowering real estate agents with solutions and platforms to drive their business forward.